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The Tictag Team

We're changing the way A.I.s are built

We're a young and lean team of entrepreneurs and problem solvers. We might come from different backgrounds but we've got a common purpose. 

We want to make data fun for anyone and everyone.

Meet Our Co-Founders

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Kevin Quah

CEO & Co-Founder

"If technology isn't used for good, what good is technology"

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Lee Jin

COO & Co-Founder

"Making data fun"

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CTO & Co-Founder

"to be firm in principles and flexible in deeds"

Our Story

Tictag was founded with the single-minded focus to make data easy and accessible.


After years of frustration with low quality, expensive, unstructured data in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the founders set out to bridge the gap between people who have time to deal with data and the companies that don’t.


How did we do that? We turned it into a mobile game.

Why We Tictag


We will enable everyone to benefit from good data, and the good that data can bring


To become the best source of data and data work globally

Social Impact

Involvement of the vulnerable, elderly and underprivileged as part of the Tagger workforce

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