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Have you ever looked at a problem and said:

"This would be possible only if we had a lot of people doing this at once"?

Say no more. Tictag's Crowdsourcing Platform gets you a crowd in a flash, to give opinions, generate ideas and get you what you need, pronto. 

  • Give opinions

  • Complete surveys

  • Collect feedback

  • Test new products

  • and more...

Scale without the fuss.

Tictag manages a global, multi-disciplinary crowd for you. Just tell us what kind of people you're looking for, and we'll mobilise our Tagger force to get you what you need. 

Whether it's opinions, testing feedback or new ideas, use Tictag to do it at scale and rapidly. Get a crowd wherever they are, whenever they are. 


Tictag Tagger Crowd 

Diversity is power.
Wield power for good. 
  • International Crowd

  • Domain Experts

  • Wide Varierty of Experiences

  • Impact Taggers

    • Disadvantaged Elderly​

    • Persons with Autism

    • Persons with Disabilities

    • Refugees

    • Low income Communities

Crowdsourcing Use Cases


Get a crowd to tell you what they think, for anything you need. New feature? We got your back before you launch. 

A/B Testing

Perform rapid A/B testing at scale and at your convenience, no need to manually gather a crowd, let us bring it to you. 

Idea Generation

The most incredible ideas can come from the most unexpected people. Give us a prompt and get something fresh.

Businesses trust Tictag for data.

Crowdsourcing works best with trust. Here's how we earn it. 

High Efficiency


The power of speed and accuracy put together

International Crowd

Data is prepared by various demographics. Get access to the untouched SEA crowd

Domain Experts

We can filter data creators according to your model's specific needs


Your data is safe with us.  Never worry about data preparation again

Crowdsource it like you've never done before. 

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