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Data Collection

The best data is hard to source for, and even harder to get at scale. Use Tictag to get the data you need quickly and easily. 

# Dataset Customization

# Off-The-Shelf Datasets

Data Collection

Data Collection

We know varied, diverse and ethically sourced data can be hard to find.


That's why we put together a large crowd of Taggers who work together to collect data of all kinds.


So you spend more time working on AI, and less time worrying about where your next dataset will come from. 

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Data Customisation

Data Customization

Getting the data is the first step. Next is making sure you're working with the right data. 

Tictag's diverse crowd is filled with people from all walks of life who understand your data, and who can curate it to just the right level you need.


Don't take a chance with just anyone - use our Tagger experts.  


Domain Experts


Across SEA

Global Reach

Off-The-Shelf Datasets

Sometimes you just need something ready-made and ready-to-go. Browse our library of pre-made datasets, or let us know what suits your needs.

We're happy to listen. 


Case Studies

Conversational AI

Intents and Utterance Generation

No more spending hours trying to generate utterances to train your chatbots!

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Audio AI

You don't have to suffer from low-quality transcripts, limited vocabulary & accent bias!

Audio Transcription

image classification.png
Recommendation AI

Image Classification

99.97% Accuracy. Record Speed, Domain Expertise

High Quality Data

Use our DATA PREPARATION SOLUTIONS to give your AI the intelligence it needs to handle real audiences.

High Efficiency


The power of speed and accuracy put together

International Crowd


Data is prepared by various demographics. Get access to the untouched SEA crowd

Domain Experts

We can filter data creators according to your model's specific needs


Your data is safe with us.  Never worry about data preparation again

Save the Trouble,
Leave Data Preparation to Us.

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