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Generative AI

Unlock the potential of Generative AI in your enterprise with our comprehensive data annotation and collection platform, revolutionizing the way you harness the power of AI innovation.

Generative AI needs Quality Data

Augment your enterprise processes with powerful generative AI applications, fueled by the best data. From enhancing your existing workflows to creating new and relevant content, our end-to-end data preparation solutions empower you to tap into the full potential of generative AI for business excellence.

Data Challenges with Generative AI



Each model has distinct characteristics and demands tailored fine-tuning. Data needs to be carefully sourced for annotation.


At the core of every successful Generative AI model lies the foundation of reliable data. We recognize the critical role that data plays in ensuring the reliability of AI-driven processes.


When it comes to generative AI, accuracy is paramount, and it begins with meticulously labeled data.

Quality Generative AI through Tictag

Trustworthy Data for Superior AI Models


High Quality Datasets

With our unwavering commitment to data quality, we provide the robust and trustworthy datasets necessary for training accurate and dependable Generative AI models. Our comprehensive suite of data annotation and collection services is designed to deliver the reliable data you need to drive successful and consistent AI-driven outcomes in your enterprise.


Industry-Leading Accuracy of 99.97%

We understand that the success of Generative AI models hinges on the accuracy of their predictions. That's why we prioritize the precise labeling of datasets, ensuring that every data point is meticulously annotated to provide the highest level of accuracy. With our expertise in data annotation and collection, we deliver the meticulously labeled datasets you need to train robust and precise Generative AI models.


Customization & Consistency

Our specialized solutions empower you to leverage your proprietary data effectively, ensuring seamless integration of customized generative AI models into your business processes. With rigorous quality control measures, you do not have to worry about inconsistencies.

Tictag helps you get there and bridge the gap between human and machine understanding.

Generative AI Use Cases

Leveraging Tictag's Deep Expertise from the heart of Southeast Asia


Tictag helps with collection, ranking and reinforcement learning with human feedback for Generative AI models like CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks), GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks), and Capsule Networks, ensuring high-quality image generation.


The Tictag Data Platform makes it easy to collect and annotate text from over 20+ languages used in Southeast Asia, ensuring your large language models are trained (or fine tuned!) on reliable and comprehensive text datasets for your GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) or Transformer Models.


Tictag supports all varieties of audio collection and audio transcription. Create realistic and natural-sounding speech, develop personalized voice assistants, and enhance audio-based applications with high-quality audio generation.


Our data annotation services cover video synthesis, object recognition, action classification, and video captioning, allowing the development of robust generative AI models for dynamic visual content and advanced video-based applications.

Language and Domain Expertise

Tictag works with domain experts and native speakers across Southeast Asia and the broader APAC region, including the following languages and domains:


  • English (Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian accents, etc)

  • Mandarin Chinese

  • Bahasa Melayu

  • Bahasa Indonesia

  • Tamil

  • Hindi

  • Thai

  • Vietnamese

  • ... and many more.


  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Legal

  • Agriculture

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Security

  • Retail

  • ... and many more.

Go with the best Data Solution.

Unleash the power of your Generative AI models today.

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