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Image Annotation

Whether you're training a state-of-the-art computer vision model or just want your search database classified, Tictag does it all.


Four-sided polygons for image detection

Bounding Box

Classification of images by category

Image Classification

Bounding polygons for semantic segmentation or when you need more than four sides. 

Polygonal Bounding

Adding attributes to an image, or part of one.

Attribute Tagging

Pulling out text from an image

Image-to-Text Transcription


Capture & Tag

Taking a picture then immediately doing any of the above.

Image Annotaton
Audio Annotation

Audio Annotation

Sometimes you just need a listening ear. Tictag handles audio like nothing else on mobile, no compromises on data quality. 


Audio Transcription

Conversion of audio into text, along with timestamps, in the format you need.


Sound Classification

Classification of sounds heard by category


Transcription Cleansing

Correction of machine-transcribed or human-transcribed audio-text.


Audio Translation

Like transcription, but into different languages. Ask us for a list. 

Text Annotation

Natural Language Processing models are either impressive or frustrating. Let us make yours perfect with Tictag text annotation. 


Entity Extraction

Named entities relentlessly identified according to category.


Utterance Generation

Producing new ways of saying things to train chatbots and conversational AI.


Intent Recognition

Classification and recognition of what the user is trying to say. 


Sentiment Analysis

Positive? Negative? Happy? Sad? We tag it. 


Relevance Analysis

Identifying if the text shown is relevant to the topic provided.


Text Classification

Any other classification or categorization of text.

Text Annotation

Video Annotation

Video killed the radio star, but it doesn't have to be the end of you too. Tictag handles video annotation just as well as images.


Object Detection

Finding and classifying objects within video footage, frame by frame. 


Bounding Boxes/Polygons

When you need to box or segment something.


Video Classification

Classification of footage according to set categories,



For making words appear at the bottom while the video is playing. 

Video Annotation

Case Studies

See how we've changed the way data is being done. 

Conversational AI

Intents and Utterance Generation

No more spending hours trying to generate utterances to train your chatbots!

Audio AI

You don't have to suffer from low-quality transcripts, limited vocabulary & accent bias!

Audio Transcription

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Recommendation AI

Image Classification

99.97% Accuracy. Record Speed, Domain Expertise

Why we're loved

When it comes to data preparation,

we combine the best of the Tictag platform with the best expertise. 

High Efficiency


The power of speed and accuracy put together

International Crowd


Data is prepared by various demographics. Get access to the untouched SEA crowd

Quality Assurance

Reliable quality control system which employs multiple taggers to annotate and collect the same data.


Your data is safe with us.  Never worry about data preparation again

Time, Cost, Effort, Scale.
Let's take those worries off your mind (for data). 

Something caught your eye? Try it out. 

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