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Earn Real Rewards

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Download the Tictag App Now! 

Download the app and refer it to your friends to get up to 250 extra coins!

Waiting for the bus? Or feeling bored on your commute?​

Turn your spare time into rewards. Play simple games on the Tictag App and get the opportunity to earn EXCLUSIVE REWARDS


Help the AI Industry

Smart Machines and AI Systems need relevant data to understand and learn. Their final output is completely dependent on the data we feed them.  

If we input raw or inaccurate data, machines will not be able to identify the right characteristics and learn from the data

We need to tag data and include extra information for machines to learn from it.

Become a tagger and tag data by completing simple tasks on the Tictag App

How To Tictag?

Choose the simple task to complete

Complete the tutorial

Redeem exclusive rewards and benefits

Redeem exclusive rewards and benefits

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