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Our Social Impact

Tictag imagines a world where everyone benefits from working on data together. To achieve this vision, we continually collaborate with social impact organizations across the globe to help provide supplementary income to their beneficiaries.


Beneficiaries from partner organizations are personally trained by Tictag staff on data annotation, and are provided support throughout their tagging journey.

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We've had the privilege of working with over 

100+ Taggers


14 social organisations

based in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea. 
  • Elderly

  • Low-Income

  • Persons with Autism

  • Persons with Disabilities

  • Refugees

These Taggers include:


Training Sessions

Through our flagship training sessions, we are able to engage disenfranchised communities to provide them with


  1. Education on AI and data annotation through our webinars

  2. Brain Stimulation in the form of simple tasks for elderly beneficiaries 

  3. Side Income through on-the-go annotation work, that can be done anytime, anywhere

Interested in tagging with us? Learn more about our tagging categories to understand what's best for your organization!

Project-based Tagging

  • Looking for data annotation projects for your beneficiaries? 

  • Chat with us to find out about potential projects and data annotation opportunities at Tictag.

  • Tictag webinars and training sessions will be conducted for all.

  • Flexibility in level of commitment

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Freelance Tagging

  • Looking for low commitment, freelance work to earn a side income or simply want to have something to do when bored?

  • Chat with us to register as a social organization under Tictag and redeem your coins for cash whenever you want.

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Or set a meeting with the Community team to discuss potential collaborations!

Want to find out more about Tictag first?

Join our Tagger Community Discord to chat with other taggers, and get access to tutorials, tips and tricks for our tasks! Or have any questions or feedback? Chat with us directly on our channel!

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